Vozembouch from Czech Republic 


A folk-band instrument (staff topped with bow hung with rattles)

An encyclopaedic dictionary describes a vozembouch (a folk-band instrument – a staff topped with a bow hung with rattles) as an accompanying rhythmical musical instrument. However, this stark definition does not even begin to express the charm of this special instrument. Today the vozembouch recalls on one hand the nostalgia of bygone days; on the other hand it brings merriment, since one can hardly help laughing when…

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Stomper-doodles, Stumpf-fiddles, Boom-bahs, etc. 

Is there anyone out there in Cyberspace that is interested in Stomper-doodles, Stumpf-fiddles, Boom-bahs, or any of their European relatives such as, Tuefel-giege/Deiwels-gieje (German) or Vozembouch (Czech Republic)?!? I have some photos on my website and others I have collected and would love to share info/photos with someone else who might know more than I do about them! I would also love to start a Stomper-Doodle Festival and invite folks to share all the various types of instruments that fall in…

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