Slim Harrison Rocks Rockburn Elementary! "Exploring the Roots of American Folk Music" Two Week Residency Program “Shave and a haircut, two bits!” The gang all sang and played along with Slim Harrison the past two weeks at Rockburn Elementary School as he worked with and presented American Folk Music to Kindergarten through 5th grade children. Each child participated in both a Music and Folk dance class during the 8 days that Slim presented his Exploration of American Folk Music Residency. The Rockburn PTA and a grant from the Maryland State Arts Council-Artists in Residence Program made this possible. The children at Rockburn were introduced to instruments such as the Limberjack, Harmonica, Bead drum (Gao), Appalachian and Hammered Dulcimers, Banjo, Fiddle, Whimmy-diddle, Washboards, Spoons, Stump-fiddle, Jaw Harp and so much more. The Residency concluded with an All-School Hoedown on Monday night, Oct 27, in the Gym at Rockburn where the children danced with their parents and played their homemade instruments as part of the Sunnyland Band. Thank you, Eileen Bottamiller Vocal Music teacher