Pete Seeger's Peace Doves fly over Moelln, Germany

I got an email from our friend, Jorg, who organized the Barnstormers last European tour, letting us know that the Peace Doves we left with him were used at a Unity Rally in his hometown of Moelln after a Neo-Nazi desecration of a Mosque.  The community came together for a march through the streets and the Peace Doves were strung across the street in front of the Mosque as a symbol of Peace & Unity.

We passed the Peace Doves out at a Festival in Moelln and another in Rudolstadt back in 2008 and left the remaining doves with Jorg for the children at his school.  This was an even better use for the Peace Doves and I only wish Pete was around to hear the news!

Read more at their website:  or  see some of the photos on the Photo Gallery.


Slim & Brenda