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Slim Harrison - Sunnyland Music: Guestbook

Amber Seyler

April 2, 2019

Thank you Slim & Brenda for our wonderful presentation and workshop day! Our second graders had a wonderful time. I would recommend your workshop to anyone who wants a highly engaging event at their school. Every student was involved in making music and weaving on the peace wheel. We can not thank you enough! Everything was well planned and professional. It is obvious you love your jobs and work well with kids of all ages. Good luck on future projects!

George & Deb Carroll

September 14, 2018

Work is finally getting to slow down. I will try to make some of your upcoming dates and bring the guitar.

Peggy Fisher

April 10, 2015

Hi Slim! I was just researching some of my past and came across your website. I was friends with you and your wife way, way, way back in 1979 and 1980. Glad to see you are still doing what makes your heart happy.

Kathleen Tirpak

December 13, 2013

Thank you for sharing your work !! It is such a great inspiration !!

Edwina 'Winnie' Westbrook

December 9, 2012

One of your many first cousins, but the only one in Richmond,VA

Jim Harrison

August 19, 2011

Do you have any connection to Russell County or Tazewell County, Virginia? If you do, hello cousin, if not, love what you do.
P.S. I live in Frederick.

Kati Mabry

August 14, 2011

Good to hear your music again!!!

Steve Harrison

July 18, 2011

Hey Slim and Brynda,

Karen and I really liked your website. We'd like to get a copy of your cd, "Promenade Home," - Please tell us how.
Take care everyone.
Love, Steve and Karen.


March 31, 2011

SLIM: I've been practicing your songs and look forward to the honor of performing with you Saturday here in Jacksonville FL. Wednesday evening at George's Music was a real blast. Haven't had so much fun in a long time.
Jim Freeland


March 9, 2011

It was so fun when you came to Conewago.It was so fun making instuments.Thanth for coming to my school

Branstin Shue

March 8, 2011

i met you when you where at my school..Conwago elm school...i really enjoyed you thanks for coming

Mary Ann

May 3, 2010

We had a wonderful time with you on Sat at the Sheep Festival. I would love to have you come to our Homeschool co op either in Gaithersburg or I could arrange it in Damascus. Thanks

Christy Whittington

March 18, 2010

I was looking for information about sunnyland music. I'm in the planning process of bringing presentations in for our 8 summer camps that we have scattered throughout Frederick County Md. I was wondering if you would be able to put on a show for our children ages 5-12 in our camps this summer. We are having a Music Mania Week at camp during the week of June 21st-25th. Also how much would you charge if you were able to do all 8 of our summer camps. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Jim Odom

March 9, 2010

I'm guessing you're the same "Slim Harrison" I knew years ago (summer of '75, to be precise) when we worked at Camp Manidokan.

Great to know you've stayed with the music. You were a great player, picker and singer. Terrific website, too!

The Johnson Family

March 20, 2009

It was great for us to play and sing music with you on the corner in Old Towne Frederick!! We love the new CD!
Love, Jude, Scott, Kerry and Adam

Bob and Lori Testerman

March 15, 2009

Great new CD!! We hope the CD sells in great numbers to keep this traditional music alive!


March 7, 2009

Hello to all ! Greetings From Poland. very Good Page !


February 17, 2009

I just want to thank you for 2-13 at Relay Elem. My daughter & all other kids had a great time.


October 28, 2008

when you came to rockburn elementry in elkridge maryland i had so much fun at the hoedown and doing the vigina reel

Marie Athorn

August 23, 2008

Saw your Barnstompers concert at Bethany Beach on August 20, 2008. My daughter, age 11, got to play along on some of the rhythm instruments. She had a great time. We especially loved they song, "I'm Gonna Tell." Where can we find the lyrics and music so we can sing it at home?

Greg Cooney

August 6, 2008

GREAT. Now Slim has a web site. My family can catch up on news about him and the great things he dos for traditional music.

Heather Blake

March 16, 2008

We were at Cunningham Falls State Park today for the Syrup Festival. Do you know of anyone that does birthday parties in the Northern VA area similar to your setup today? We were noticing how much the children were involved and how much fun they were having. Thanks.

MacKenzie Fiona Kaufman

March 13, 2008

hello slim,remember me?i was the one where you use the people that dance and i sat up at the bottom on your

right next to a boy named Denilson.

by the way, please come to my school at East Salisbury again i think your very talented,Bye!!!
im in 3rd grade and in miss.prices class

Joshua Robinson

March 11, 2008

I really like your instruments and your band and your music.

Kate Mackin

October 19, 2007

Thank you for letting me make a marocka. I like your website.

Judy and Scott Johnson

October 4, 2007

Love the website, Slim!!
Can't wait for the Hoedown next weekend!!!
Love to Brynda!!

Love, Jude, Scott, Kerry and Adam

Jerry Kessler

July 15, 2007

Hi Slim and Brynda, glad to get in touch with y`all. I`m looking forward to getting to one of your gigs. Jerry

Cliff Harrison

March 1, 2007

Great website, Slim! Keep up the good work. Love, Dad

Jessica Beavers (Morgan)

February 27, 2007

I loved your music as a child and was glad to see you are still entertaining. Glad you have CD's and will be adding them to my child's collection.

Brynda Ambush Harrison

February 9, 2007

I just LOVE your website! You Rock!!